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Guide to building your own website

If you have already read my post about Why you need your own website, then you already know the advantages of having your own website as a graduate student. So, let’s get started in building your online presence.

This guide is going to take you through the process of setting up your website from start to finish. I’ve included screenshots and detailed instructions to ensure this is the ultimate guide to building your own website. Read More

Why you need your own website

Get A Personal Website

You may not have thought about it before, but having your own website as a graduate student might be your most important tool for showcasing… well, you. We all know that every grad student needs a CV. CV’s are important to describe who you are, your qualifications, your research and teaching experience, and your publication history, for example (for more about CV’s, please see my Guide for creating a CV/Resume). They are immensely important documents for graduate students, but they have some major limitations.

Essentially, no one can find your CV or read it unless you email it to them directly.  For a graduate student trying to get their name out there, a CV on its own limits your audience to almost no one. Additionally, your CV is a static document. As soon as you gain new experiences and accomplishments (which grad students do continually), the CV that you sent to people earlier no longer represents your complete picture.

What’s the solution? Read More