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How to write an abstract

writing abstract
It’s happened to me more than once. I’ve finished a manuscript to submit for publication and then I realize that I still need to write the abstract before I can submit it.  I hate writing abstracts. They’re famously difficult to write, but they’re required for submitting articles, conference proposals, grant proposals, theses and dissertations, and some professors even ask for them for term papers.

An abstract should be a short, self-contained statement that describes the study or article. It’s not a review of the article or paper, and it is not meant to evaluate or assess the study. Really, it is just suppose to describe the work, including the various components of the study. It is difficult to summarize an entire study or an entire proposal using only the limited number of words permitted for an abstract. What information do you include and what do you leave out? I’ve struggled with this a number of times, but I have now learned a few strategies to make the task of writing an abstract a lot less daunting.

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