Sanity-Saving Resources for Graduate Students

Sanity-Saving Resources for Graduate Students

An image of a global map with a network of lines and hexagons overlaid, representing an interconnected network of resources for graduate students.

We here at Graduate Student Success (that’s Ann and I), along with our partners over at Graduate Student Greatness, try to provide low-cost, comprehensive resources for current and aspiring graduate students who want or need help completing their degrees. If you’re new here, that can be a little overwhelming. So, let’s orient you to what we’ve got.

Free Resources

The Greatest Graduate Student Community

Get support and chat with your fellow graduate students over at the Graduate Student Greatness forum. Free registration is required.

Articles and Interviews

Check out our blog.


Check out our events calendar for free and paid events, including productivity jams and support groups.

Guides and Short Courses

Check out our partners over at Graduate Student Greatness for access to free guides, workbooks, and short courses for asipiring and current graduate students. Free registration is required.

Paid Resources

Student Productivity Project

One-on-one and group accountability sessions led by productivity specialist, Ms. Ann Allen. These are designed for students who need a cheerleader and accountability partner to fight procrastination or are feeling isolated while earning their degrees.

Academic Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions with Graduate Student Success Coach, Dr. Cristie Glasheen, for students who are struggling to complete their degrees. We help students struggling with: feelings of stress and overwhelm; research issues and writer’s block; chronic procrastination and disorganization; work-life balance issues; absentee and abusive advisor situations; burn-out and more.

Graduate Student Greatness Courses

These self-help courses are a budget-friendly alternative to individual academic coaching. These comprehensive courses contain all the tips, tricks, and strategies Dr. Glasheen teaches her clients, but in a pre-recorded, self-directed format.


Dr. Glasheen teaches occasional live Masterclasses on academic writing and professional development. Check out our events calendar for upcoming classes.

As always, if you have any questions, you can reach me (Dr. Glasheen) at
Coaching @