Graduate Student Coaching Testimonials

Graduate Student Coaching Testimonials

Stuck trying to complete your doctorate or master’s degree? Need help but aren’t sure where to get it? Graduate student coaching can help you overcome your challenges so you can finish faster and with less stress.

I’m so confident that my academic coaching can help you get unstuck and stay unstuck that I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. See what my clients have said about working with me and then schedule a free phone consultation to learn what I can do for you.

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What My Clients Say About Working With Me

Dr Glasheen!! Thanks so much again for everything. I am so grateful for powering through the week with your guidance. I couldn’t have made it to the finish line as prepared without your help….I passed with barely any revisions requested of me.

Dissertation Coaching Client – M.H., Ph.D. Environmental Toxicology

Just want to appreciate the incredible Cristie and how wonderful of a mentor she’s. I’d want to be your student and to learn from you over and over again! There’s absolutely no one half as good as you’re. Thank you for being a part of my journey. My heart is SO full now that I’m done with my degree and I reflect on the huge role that you played in making it true. What a gem!

Masters Coaching Client – H.N., MPH

Finished! My dissertation was defended on 01-July and I am an official Ph.D.! What an incredible journey. I am so grateful for our interactions and still apply [your] lessons in life.

Dissertation Coaching Client – A.S., Ph.D.

Having Cristie as a coach was one of the best investments I made in graduate school. Period. She was instrumental in helping me pass my comprehensive exam and finish my research proposal, all while giving me the tools to manage two other projects I was juggling at the time. Despite being laser-focused and results-driven in helping me achieve my academic outcomes, Cristie is also very human and reminded me that graduate school is more than just academics and that you have to make time for yourself and for fun stuff.

Dissertation Coaching Client – Alex, Ph.D.

It has been a crazy semester but it is going really well. Just finished 2 of my courses and feel really good about them. I feel like I have been able to use so much from working with you the last year to make this semester go amazing.

Ph.D. Coaching Client – K.H., DPT Student

Successfully submitted my online [grant] application! It was an unknown journey for me, but what I now do know is that it was possible greatly thanks to you. So thank you so much!

Dissertation Coaching Client – A.M., PhD Student

Just got this in my email – Approved with no restrictions! THANKS, COACH!

Dissertation Coaching Client- K.G., PhD

I don’t know how other people who are balancing work and family manage to finish their dissertations without a coach, but I am so glad [other client] told me about you. This was the best decision I could’ve made. I’m so thankful.

Master’s Coaching Client – Annette S., MPH

It’s so very evident how much Dr. Cristie cares about my progress and successes. It gets me through the hard days knowing how much she is genuinely routing for me. She’s gone out of her way to be responsive and supportive and help me get past the blocks I kept running into. She really did help get me unstuck and now I’m staying that way.

Productivity Coaching Client – Silvia C.

Cristie’s academic coaching was instrumental in helping me get over the final hurdles of finishing and defending my doctoral dissertation. Cristie is skilled at identifying and helping people like me work through the barriers, both internal and external, that might otherwise get in the way of achieving academic success. Her ability to understand and communicate others’ perspectives of a situation was invaluable to me as I prepared for my dissertation defense. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for an academic coach.

Dissertation Coaching Client – Kathy B., Ph.D.

Dr. Cristie Glasheen has my highest recommendation as both a coach and a person. She is brilliant, insightful, and professional and yet considerate, patient, and easy to work with. And she is certainly effective; as my productivity coach, she helped me accomplish in just two weeks personal objectives I had tried unsuccessfully to do alone. I am genuinely happy to recommend Dr. Glasheen to anyone looking for help getting back on track.

Productivity Coaching Client – David G.

I want to see your name here and toast your success!

There is help for finishing your dissertation or thesis! You don’t have to go it alone. You can overcome setbacks and get back on track. I can help. Get unstuck and stay unstuck.

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