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Amazing Graduate Student Resources

These are some of the best academic and support resources I have found to address many of the problems that graduate students encounter on a regular basis. These are non-affiliate links, I make no commission. They are just helpful graduate student resources that I want to share with you.

My Articles for Academic Success

Graduate Student Time Management Skills

The Top-Notch Time Management Course for Graduate Student Success. After nearly a decade of coaching students struggling with time management skills, I put together this course to teach students a new approach to scheduling and time management. Take back control of your schedule, reduce stress, and accomplish more. Sign up today!

Graduate Student Writing Skills

The Elements of Style – By Strunk and White. If you have to choose one book on how to write well, this is it. Short, sweet, and to the point.

The Scientist’s Guide to Writing – By Stephen Heard. This is a fantastic book that breaks down the underlying structure and logic of scientific writing. It provides tips and tricks to writing better and more consistently. A great resource for science-oriented graduate students struggling with the structure of a thesis or dissertation.

How to Write A Lot – By Paul Silvia. This book is less about the structure of writing your thesis or dissertation and more about the progress. It’s packed with helpful hints on how to set goals, write more, and make more progress without sacrificing quality. This is a great all-around book, regardless of your major, and a great grad. student resource.

Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day – By Joan Bolker. Take the stress out of dissertation writing by creating a steady pace that breaks free of the boom/bust cycle of binge-writing. Get practical tips because steady wins the race.

Master’s and Dissertation Process

The Academic Society. Led by graduate school professor, Toyin Alli, the Academic Society youtube channel provides vital information on everything to expect as a graduate student.

Office Hours with Dr. Lacy. I’m generally against multitasking. However, if you are doing the dishes, taking a walk, or have a bit of a commute, this podcast is a great way to make the most of your time. Dr. Lacy is there to help address specific concerns that apply to all master’s and Ph.D. students (like writing great research questions) as well as other relevant topics (e.g., stress management and committee management).

Getting What You Came For – By Robert Peters. This book is the most comprehensive guide to graduate school from start to finish. Learn about the process and strategies to get the most out of your master’s or Ph.D.

Mental Health Resources for Graduate Students

Guided Meditations for Mindfulness and Stress Relief – Brought to you by the Dartmouth Student Wellness center, a free resource for everyone.

The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living – By Amit Sood and the Mayo Clinic. Let’s be real – when you are writing a thesis or a dissertation, there is no such thing as stress-free living. But, the tips in this book are so good that we will excuse the title. Managing stress is a vital part of managing your overall health and preventing school-related burnout. I can’t recommend this book enough.

Don’t Panic – By Reid Wilson. This is a very helpful book for students suffering from the symptoms of anxiety, like ruminating thoughts (a.k.a broken record brain), panic, test anxiety, or excessive worry. However, nothing beats therapy for treating anxiety so I suggest this as an addendum to mental health treatment.

The Impostor Syndrome Remedy – By E.V. Estacio. Every graduate student I know suffers at one time or another from impostor syndrome. That feeling you get that you have somehow gotten into grad. school through some fluke and any minute your friends, advisers, and the world will figure out their mistake and know that you aren’t smart enough, good enough, or hard-working enough to belong here.

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