Graduate Student Success Coaching Packages

Academic Coaching Packages

Are you ready to stop spinning your wheels and finally finish your master’s or dissertation? Because I’m ready to help. Here’s everything you need to know about Graduate Student Success Coaching; from how to get started, to how much it costs, to what you can expect in each session.

Step 1: Schedule a Graduate Student Success Coaching Consultation

The first step is to schedule a free consultation. All you have to do is click on the button below and pick a time that works for you. Then I’ll call you and see if we are right to work together to help you finish your degree.

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Step 2: Answer the Phone

Yes, It’s that easy. I’ll call you at the time you selected at the number you provided. The call takes between 30 and 45 minutes. We’ll talk about what stage of your master’s or dissertation you’re at, what your struggles are, and your goals for finishing. Then, we’ll sketch a brief map of how you can get there and how I can help.

I’ll answer all your questions about coaching in general and coaching with me. By the end of the call, you’ll have a good sense of my style and how you can expect to be supported. At the same time, I’ll have a better sense of your needs and how I can help you finish your master’s or dissertation.

There’s no obligation. No high-pressure sales. By the end of the call, we will both know if I’m the coach for you. If not, I will give you some guidance on finding a coach that is a better match for your needs. I offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so I only take on clients that are a good match.

Step 3: Purchase a Graduate Student Success Coaching Package

Whether you are trying to finish your master’s degree or your Ph.D., the basic setup is the same. A package includes four sessions of academic success coaching. Each session includes:

  • 50 Minutes of Personalized Coaching with me, Dr. Cristie G.
  • Tailored action items and strategies to overcome challenges
  • Notes and a session recording to refer back to
  • Document storage so we can share materials as needed
  • Between session e-mail support (within reason)
  • Pre/post session document review (up to 1 single-spaced page per week without additional charges)

Coaching sessions happen as often as you need. Many of my clients start out with sessions once a week, then move to every other week once they have learned the skills needed to maintain that momentum.


Coaching Fees

A four-session academic success package is $199.

Additional Fees

Sometimes clients want me to provide detailed feedback on larger documents like a section of their thesis, a grant application, or an entrance essay. Providing this enhanced feedback takes time away from my ability to coach other students. Therefore, if you need more than the standard single page of review, I charge $20 per additional page, with a maximum of 3 additional pages of review.

Step 4: Start Graduate Student Success Coaching and Finish Your Degree!

It really is that simple. Each session we will set goals together, while I give you the secrets of approaching each task more efficiently and with less stress. Whether your challenge is writing, time management, confidence, or all of the above, I will share with you the tools you need to succeed.

Graduate student success coaching will teach you the skills you need to get over, around, or through the challenges that you are facing so that you can finish your master’s or dissertation ASAP. So, schedule your call today and see how I can help you.

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You Don’t Need to Do This Alone. Get Help Today.

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