Not Taking New Students

I’m sorry but…

I’m full up and not taking new students right now. This might be a disappointment. If you’re like many of my students, you’re stressed, overwhelmed, and at your wits’ end. With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of options to help you get through this challenging time.

1) Waitlist.

Sign up to be notified when I start accepting students again. Most students start with weekly coaching but are soon able to space out their sessions as we solve their immediate crisis. That means I can start taking new students again, so people don’t usually stay on the waitlist long. You’ll be emailed when:

  • I start taking new students again
  • I host special events (support groups, my academic writing masterclass, etc.)
  • I post new support articles
  • I release new courses

I promise not to spam your inbox with worthless crap. I hate that too. I will never share my mailing list with anyone and you can unsubscribe at any time.

2) Courses.

When I started having more students than I could handle, I began creating self-coaching courses tackling the most common challenges my students face in graduate school. These courses are as comprehensive as I can make them, teaching you all the secrets and systems I teach my one-on-one clients.

Courses to Conquer Grad. School


Mind Over Matter: Mastering the Grad Student Mindset

Want to be in a better headspace?

Graduate school is a long, hard journey. Fighting procrastination and maintaining motivation can be challenging for any student. It’s even worse if you’re fighting self-doubt, struggling with executive function, or are burned out. I’ve developed this course for students really struggling with the mental challenges of being a graduate student. Learn how to reset your mindset to approach graduate school in a healthier, more proactive, and more productive way.


Top-Notch Time Management

Need to take control of your time?

Learn to manage your time and increase your productivity from someone who’s managed a lot of research projects. This system isn’t something you’ll find in other books or videos, it’s a system that you can use with your own natural tendencies to make the most of your time in a healthy and balanced way. Free of toxic productivity and adaptable to a wide variety of students and settings, learn a new way to approach scheduling and task management.


Epic Efficiency

Under development.

People always say to work smarter, not harder. But, when was the last time someone taught you how to find smarter ways to do things? This course will teach you to evaluate your work habits and approach to productivity to find balanced ways of achieving more with less stress and wasted time. This course will teach you a practical, methodological approach to improving your productivity as well as numerous tips and tricks to work faster and easier.

3. Student Productivity Project

Ever wish you had someone to sit down next to you and make you do your work? If you’re struggling to get yourself to sit down and do your schoolwork, then the Student Productivity Project is just what you need. Schedule one-on-one appointments with your accountability partner or join an accountability group to hold your feet to the fire and get things done. Your accountability partner will hold you accountable for showing up on time, sitting down, and getting stuff done. Getting started is often the hardest part, so put your money where your productivity is and give yourself an incentive to get the most out of every day. Learn more here.

4. Other coaches.

There are other coaches out there. They don’t all provide the same services I do, but they might have what you are looking for.

Two coaches I’ve referred clients to in the past include:

  1. Alana Rister, The Science Grad. School Coach. Dr. Rister helps Ph.D. students in science fields clarify and accelerate their research.
  2. Karin Admiraal, at The Well-Ordered Mind. Dr. Admiraal coaches students on time management, goal setting, and productivity in graduate school.