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Here at Graduate Student Success, we are a “one-stop-shop” working to provide services that match your budget and support needs. We work to keep our prices reasonable for student budgets but we know it can still be hard when you’re a broke-ass student.

That’s why we’ve created a variety of offerings to choose from. These services range from self-driven support to full-on academic coaching. This lets you mix and match to get the support you need at an affordable price.

👉 Academic Coaching. Get the highest level of support with Graduate Student Success Coach, Dr. Cristie Glasheen. Dr. Glasheen is an experienced academic coach and retired researcher specializing in coaching students who are having problems finishing their degrees (e.g., difficult advisors, researcher’s block, stress and overwhelm, etc.) or need to accelerate their progress. With over a decade of experience, Dr. Glasheen has helped numerous students finish their degrees with their sanity intact.

  • Individual coaching sessions to problem-solve and get your degree back on track. This is a high level of services that include between-session email and text support, document review, and professional development services.

Learn more: Master’s coaching | Ph.D. coaching.

👉The Student Productivity Project. Run by productivity specialist, Ms. Ann Allen, this program offers one-on-one and group sessions to hold you accountable to your productivity goals. Designed to help students who are having problems with procrastination, these sessions encourage you to identify and commit to specific objectives, schedule time to get them done, and then makes you sit down and do them. While Dr. Glasheen helps you address the underlying issues hindering your degree progress, Ann is your cheerleading “mom”, cheering you on as you sit at the table doing your schoolwork.

  • Individual sessions provide student accountability to sit down and get stuff done. They provide a moderate level of support with individualized attention and periodic nudges between sessions to keep you on top of your goals.
  • Group sessions are a place to gather in small groups and co-work with other students. Groups are capped at 10 people or less, so we’ll know if you don’t show! Group sessions provide less support than individual sessions, with no between-session follow-up but also cost less, which may be just what you need if you’re struggling with a bit of procrastination.

Learn more: The Student Productivity Project

👉Graduate Student Greatness Courses. Not everyone can afford one-on-one coaching and if that’s what you’re running into, we understand. Dr. Glasheen developed these courses specifically to reach more students than she could mentor one-on-one and to provide her services to those who would otherwise be unable to afford them. These courses address the most common problems that she sees in her coaching practice and while they cannot replace the one-on-one dynamic of individual coaching, they are developed based on her decades of research and coaching experience. Note: Dr. Glasheen has developed these courses but they are licensed for use and hosted at Graduate Student

Learn more: Graduate Student Greatness

👉Free Support. If we could survive on nothing, we’d do this for free. So, while we can’t manage that yet, we do strive to offer as many supplemental supports for free as possible. These include:

  • Here at Graduate Student Success:
  • Over at Graduate Student Greatness [free registration required]:
    • Free guides and mini-courses for current and aspiring grad. students
    • Free access to the Greatest Grad. Student Community Forum and Chat

Comparison of Student Support Services

If you’re having trouble identifying the service that best meets your needs, here’s a handy comparison. These programs are not mutually exclusive, you’re welcome to mix and match to meet your needs.

Graduate Student Success CoachingStudent Productivity Project
Individual Sessions
Student Productivity Project
Group Sessions
Coaching Courses for Grad. Student Greatness
Coach: Dr. Cristie GlasheenAccountability Partner: Ann AllenFacilitator: Ann AllenDeveloped by: Dr. Cristie Glasheen
Solutions-Focused Academic Coaching Productivity and AccountabilityProductivitySelf-Coaching Courses
$199 for 4 sessions$24 per session$7 per group sessionVaries
★Stress & overwhelm
★Work-life balance
★Test anxiety
★Lack of advisor support
★Research approach
★Writing skills
★Thesis review
★CV review
and more…
★Time Management (available now)
★Procrastination & Motivation (available now)
★Working Efficiently
(coming soon)
★Writing and Editing (coming soon)
★Confidence and Communication (coming soon)
In-Between Session Support: HighIn-Between Session Support: ModerateIn-Between Session Support: NoneN/A
Free consultation requiredFree consultation requiredNo consultation is required.
Free group sessions are offered periodically. Follow us on Facebook to be notified.
No consultation required
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1) How/where are sessions done and for how long?

All sessions are 50 minutes. The frequency of sessions is determined by the student’s needs.
Coaching sessions are done over the phone or via Google Meet (upon request only).
Productivity partnership sessions (group and individual) are done over Zoom (camera optional).

2) What’s a session like?

Graduate student success coaching sessions start by reviewing your progress on the goals you set in the prior (or consultation) session. We discuss the problems or challenges you encountered meeting your goals and problem-solve solutions. We discuss the best way to implement those solutions and then set goals to complete before the next session

Student Productivity Project sessions start by stating work goals to complete by the end of the session, followed by a centering exercise, and then a work session (yes, you’re expected to tackle that project you’ve been avoiding). For individual sessions, the end of the session is spent setting productivity goals to complete for the next week and accountability check-ins.

3) Does Dr. Glasheen coach:

  • Neurodiverse students? Dr. Glasheen has worked with clients with ADHD and on the spectrum. While she cannot guarantee she’s the right coach for you, she welcomes a consultation call to see if it’s a good fit.
  • Undergraduates? Only if the student is preparing for graduate school.
  • Students studying insert major? Yes. The field of study does not affect coaching. If you need skills training outside of Dr. Glasheen’s area of expertise, she will assist in finding those resources.
  • International students? Yes, as long as you speak English. Dr. Glasheen has coached students as far away as Turkey, Japan, and Kenya. If you are struggling to book a consultation because of a time difference, email Cristie at

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👉 Grad. Student Success Coaching: $199 for 4 sessions. Payment is due prior to the session. Coaching is a commitment, therefore individual session purchases are not available to new clients.

👉 Individual Productivity Project sessions: $24 per session, with a discount for purchasing more in advance. Payment is due prior to the session.

👉Group Productivity Project sessions: $7 per group session

What if I start and realize it’s not for me?

Graduate Student Success Coaching Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident enough in our ability to help you finish your degree that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you find that you are not getting what you need out of your sessions then you can stop and get a refund.

For graduate student success coaching: you must request a refund via email before your third session or within 60 days of purchase, whichever comes first. No-show sessions are not refunded.

For Student Productivity Project individual sessions: If you purchased a single session, you must request a refund via email within 24 hours of the session. If you purchased multiple sessions, you must request a refund via email before your third session or within 60 days of purchase, whichever comes first. No-show sessions are not refunded.

For Student Productivity Project group sessions: We do not offer refunds.

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